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Beautiful seasonal flowers weave between a memorial urn and a framed photo.
This display creates a memorable tribute for a memorial service $190.
**Specialty Pieces Are What We Do Best**
Let us create a memorable tribute
in honor of your loved one. 

Consult our design team with any ideas you may have
( large specialty pieces range from $350 - $500, some exceptions apply)
Some designs are available in smaller sizes. 
These can be placed inside the casket  or on a side table with a mini easel.. 
Ballroom Dancers/Dancing couple floral sculpture   6' tall   $500.
42" fire truck $400 - $475
42"x18" "DAD" standing spray $300
Horse and Rider floral sculpture  48" x 48"  $450.
Three dimensional floral dog sculpture on a 30"x24" board w/ a memorial stone $325.
floral Crocodile sculpture 38"x28" $385
Police Badge Floral sculpture  38" tall $425.
Maltese Cross floral piece   30" $425   /  24" $350
Tonka Truck floral sculpture $350.
NY Mets floral sculpture  30" $395.
24"x36" NY Yankees/team banner floral design $375.
Fish floral sculpture. Many varieties available. approx 38" tall  $395.
Cartoon characters available in a variety of sizes and prices
Winney-The-Pooh floaral sculpture
small $125
medium $250
Large $375.
Guitar floral sculpture 48"  $395.
Horse Shoe $385
Sports Logos available in floral sculptures
small $100.
medium $225
large $350 and up.
Anchor $395.
38" Dolphin $395.
24' x 36' King of Hearts $425